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Random Thoughts on a Friday Morning…

1.) Working from home has afforded me the ability to try on lots of loungewear and report back to you all (I do try on my jeans every once in awhile to make sure they still fit though). I have been wearing this piece on repeat all week. I would recommend sizing up one.

2.) They’re calling Christopher Meloni “America’s Zaddy” and my first thoughts – “what is a ‘zaddy?’,” followed by “that butt though” 🙂

3.) This week I got back on my Echelon and back into my routine of cycling. I always feel so much better when I exercise. But damn it felt like I was starting all over again. Cheering anyone else on who is trying to get into a healthier routine!

4.) This spicy watermelon margarita is giving me life today and I can’t wait to kick back on the deck tonight after work with a glass.

5.) I’m already excited for fall and I’ve been pinning all sorts of fall/pumpkin stuff to get me in the mood (If you don’t follow me on pinterest follow me here). 

6.) We met our new neighbors this past week and they are the sweetest! (Click here to check out the little housewarming gift I brought over). Not only do they have a little girl around Dude Man’s age to play with but they also cook me delicious food like homemade dolma and bring it over.

And now for a few of my favorites I found on the Internet this week:


How cute is this Back to School inspired snack board from Kara @Mrscofieldandco on Instagram.

back to school snack board

I need one of this Rolling Stones band tee dresses. Picture it with a denim jacket for fall. I can’t justify paying this price so if anyone finds a good dupe let me know!

free people rolling stones dress

If you don’t follow @BrunchwithBabs on Instagram YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Anyways, I need to re-create this recipe for the blueberry jamboree with the blueberries we picked.

Brunch with Babs blueberry recipe

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


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