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It’s March why don’t you

It's March, why don't you...March bucket list. Daffodil in vase with eggs

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March for me has always brought feelings of hope knowing that spring is just around the corner. I start to feel those winter blues diminish knowing that soon the days will be brighter and warmer and that spring just comes back in my step. So below I’m sharing some ideas to inspire you for spring and a March bucket list. After all,

It’s March. Why don’t you…

1.) Lighten up your wardrobe and invest in some spring basics, like white tops, jeans, and classic mules.  Sharing some inspiration for your closet here.

2.) Get in the spirit for St. Patrick’s Day with some fun Irish inspired eats. Make some leprechaun bait, Irish soda bread or this delish reuben salad.

3.) Get a spring mani and pedi in some pretty pastels. Some of my favorites are OPI Bubble Bath of course, OPI Polly Want a Lacquer, and OPI Mali-Blue Shore.

4.) Make some homemade Irish Cream. It’s wayyyy better than anything you will ever buy at the liquor store and tastes amazing in coffee. Click here for my recipe.

homemade irish cream irish coffee

5.) Get started on your garden plans. If you are a beginner, or needs some tips, check out this post here! Find your zone and get started!

6.) Get those Easter baskets ready. If you are looking for the perfect Easter basket filler ideas, check out this list.

7.) Do a spring inspired craft or DIY. Make a cute wreath or door basket for your front door. Check out this popular door basket idea. Or try making a spring inspired centerpiece like the one below. Click here to see how.

Spring or Easter centerpiece with baby's breath, golden bunnies and fairy lights in a vase

8.) Celebrate the first day of Spring on March 19! Have a picnic, plant some flowers or just go for a nice spring walk.

9.) Spring clean your home. Go top to bottom, room by room and give your home the refresh and reset it needs. Open some windows, and enjoy those fresh spring breezes blowing in.

10.) Perfect your skincare routine. Now is the best time so you will be ready to go fresh faced and show off that glowing complexion all summer long. If you’re over the age of 30, click here for the skincare routine you need.

11.) Make a girl power playlist. It’s International Women’s Month after all! Check out this playlist sure to give you a confidence boost.

12.) Plan your summer vacation or getaway. Whether you’re going to the beach, or just planning some day trips to some coastal towns, get it all hashed out and give yourself something to look forward to.


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It's March Why don't you... March bucket list

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Valentine’s Date Night at home and printable conversation starters

Valentine's day date night at home and printable conversation starters. Chocolate fondue with fruit on table with candles and roses

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Showing you how to have a simple and intimate Valentine’s Date night at home with these free printable conversation starters.

Sometime in my early 30’s I started to prefer day dates or even date nights at home. Once we had kids, it sort of became our Valentine’s Day tradition to do something at home as a family, either breakfast for dinner with my red velvet waffles (click here for recipe) or fondue night. I love celebrating with the kids although usually it’s anything but romantic.  🙂

So I was inspired to create this simple Valentine’s date night at home and these printable conversation starters.  This will sure fill up your love tanks and make you feel more connected. <3

So put the kids to bed, and cozy up around some fondue and enjoy some intimate conversation, just the two of you! 😉

Valentine’s Fondue

Valentine's fondue for a Valentine's date night at home. Heart shaped fondue pot and heart dishes

Light some candles, and serve up some fondue for your Valentine’s date night at home. You can do either a savory fondue with cheese or make it sweet with melted chocolate. I found this super cute heart shaped fondue set on Amazon and knew I had to have it!

My favorite is a chocolate fondue with all kinds of fruits, marshmallows, pound cake, and pretzels!

Serve with my blushing rose fizz cocktail/mocktail (sharing the recipe here).

Or with my red velvet hot chocolate.

Free Printable Conversation Starters for Date Night and Intimate Conversations

Get to know your significant other better or spark some romantic conversation with these free printable conversation starter cards. Simply print out and cut.

Free printable conversation starter date night cards for Valentine's date night at home

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Free printable conversation starter date night cards for intimate conversation and Valentine's Date night at home

Here are some of my favorite finds for a cozy Valentine’s at home

I hope you have a romantic Valentine’s Day! <3 <3


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Valentine's date night at home and free printable conversation starter cards - chocolate fondue in heart shaped bowls with fruit for Valentine's day

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How to create a vision board and manifest the life you want

How to create a vision board and manifest the life you want

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I am a big believer in manifestation. While I am not one to make new year’s resolutions, I do think it’s important to reflect back on the previous year, the highs and lows and think about where you want to go in the future. I’m sharing how to create a vision board and manifest the life you want.

What is manifestation?

By definition, manifest means that something is clear or obvious to the mind’s eye, to display or show.

Manifestation is the act of making your dreams or goals a reality. It is about becoming or living out the vision that you see for yourself.

A few years ago I became a big believer in manifestation. I was working as a nurse in the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic and feeling completely drained and burnt out. I remember I was working that New Year’s Day and I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish and where I saw myself a year later. I brought my list home and hung it up near my mirror in bedroom. A year later, I had left the hospital, was working full time from home and feeling like I finally was on my way to achieving balance.

How to manifest.

1.) The first step to manifesting is knowing what it is that you want to accomplish. Identify what it is that you want or your goal.

2.) Say it out loud, write it down and truly believe it that it will come your way or become you.

Dream out loud until it becomes a reality

What is a vision board and how does it help with manifestation?

A vision board is basically a tool to help you visualize the life you want. You can use a bulletin board and fill it with images or words that speak to you and your goals and the life you want to create.

The key is to hang it somewhere you will look at it every day, like over your desk. Viewing those images or symbols every day will motivate you little by little to achieve your dreams. Over time you will start living the vision you see for yourself.

You can also make one online in Canva or a similar app, using just images that speak to you, like a mood board so to speak. For me, writing things out helps me manifest and clearly organize my goals so that’s why I like to handwrite a list but you can do whatever works for you!

Brown aesthetic 2024 mood board vision board

My process for vision boarding and manifesting the life you want

How to create a vision board and manifest the life you want

1.) The first thing I do is write down what it is that I want to accomplish. Sometimes I will choose a word to help guide me. This year my word was to “prosper”, in business, in relationships, in my health.  Write out very specifically what is is that you want to achieve.

2.) Think about how you are going to achieve these and identify what is standing in your way. For this I met with Nicolette from the Good LC on New Year’s Eve for a power hour workshop. Nicolette is a life coach and was super helpful in providing coaching exercises to better guide me in identifying areas to work on to help reach that overall balance. She also does unblocking exercises to help you better pinpoint what it is that is preventing you from achieving your goals. I was completely blown away. Even after I left and was driving home, it’s like I had a lightbulb moment in the car. It suddenly came to me that I need to be open to change and switching up my normal routine if I wanted to make any progress.

3.) Next when I got home, I broke up my board into sections, like business/career, family/friends, relationship with spouse, money, travel, etc.

4.) I wrote out my goals for each category and then printed out images or words that represented my goals. I hung up those goals and symbols under each category.

5.) Leave room in each block so that you can go back and track your wins towards your goals. This is the most important step! Give yourself time regularly whether it be every few weeks or so to check in and see what progress you’ve made. Write down your wins, no matter how small and let yourself celebrate them!

How to create a vision board and manifest the life you want bulletin board with images and goals

Here are some things I used to get you started in creating your own vision board

how to make a vision board and manifest the life you want bulletin board how to make a vision board washi tape for crafts how to make a vision board and manifest the life you want rose gold push pins multi colored paper mate flair pens for bullet journaling and goal setting multicolored post its

Here’s to crushing your goals in 2024 and becoming the best version of yourself!


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How to create a vision board and manifest the life you want

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Reader’s Top Amazon Purchases of 2023

Amazon readers favorites of 2023 - snail mucin, glass etched mugs, mock turtleneck sweatshirts, flare leggins, and more

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As the last few days of 2023 draw near, many of us are reflecting back on the year. These are reader’s top Amazon purchases of 2023. From beautiful things for your home, viral skincare products, and fashionable finds. Come take a look at the bestsellers of 2023 chosen by you! I also own every single one of these and can truly attest to how good they are!

Reader’s Top Amazon Purchases of 2023

1.) Simmer Pot – Simmer pots became very popular this year as a way to create a cozy aesthetic at home. This gorgeous simmer pot looks beautiful on your stovetop and was the #1 bestseller!

Sharing some of my favorite simmer pot combos here to inspire you – my holiday simmer pot, Valentine’s simmer pot, cozy fall simmer pot, lilac simmer pot.

Glass Saucepan with Cover, 1.5L/50 FL OZ Heat-resistant Glass Stovetop Pot and Pan with Lid, The Best Handmade Glass Cookware Set Cooktop Safe for Pasta Noodle, Soup, Milk, Baby Food

The coziest fall simmer pot - glass pot with coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and oranges

2.) Snail Mucin – This is one of the most viral Amazon products for a reason. Snail mucin helps create a radiant complexion as it helps with locking in hydration and moisture in your skin and will give you a healthy, bouncy glow.

COSRX Snail Mucin 96% Power Repairing Essence 3.38 fl.oz 100ml, Hydrating Serum for Face with Snail Secretion Filtrate for Dull Skin &amp; Fine Lines, Korean Skincare

Amazon's top bestseller's snail mucin glowing skin


3.) Glass Mugs – coffee or tea just tastes better out of these gorgeous glass etched mugs. Romanticize your morning brew.

Gezzeny Vintage Glass Coffee Mugs 14 Oz Set of 2 Clear Embossed Tea Cups, Glass Coffee Cups for Cappuccino, Latte, Cereal, Yogurt, Beverage Christmas Thanksgiving Gifts

Nesting - how to make homemade pumpkin spice creamer

4.) CGK Sheets – these are the softest most breathable sheets ever! And they have super deep pockets so no wrestling with your matress when making your bed.


5.) Anrabess Cardigan – This cardigan was a best seller in 2022 and 2023! Whether your pair with jeans or a t shirt, or dress pants, this piece instantly adds class.


6.) Baeleaf leggings –  These flare leggings are like butter! The V shaped waist is slimming and you can get pockets!

BALEAF Women&#39;s Flare Leggings, Trendy Crossover Yoga Pants, High Waist Casual Workout Bell Bottom Leggings with Pockets


7.) Turtleneck Sweatshirt This turtleneck sweatshirt was a best seller this fall.

Trendy Queen Womens Oversized Sweatshirts Turtleneck Pullover Long Sleeve Hoodies Tops Fall Outfits 2023 Clothes


8.) Lit Fall Tree -These 4 ft trees are perfect for your fall front porch or in your home. Comes with a remote too so you can turn the lights on and off.

Dehoxara 4FT Lighted Eucalyptus Tree Fall Decorations Artificial Autumn Tree Timer 8 Mode Thanksgiving 140 Led Eucalyptus Leaves Lights for Wedding Party Harvest Home Indoor Decor

Nesting - fall front porch decor, black planter boxes with faux trees and welcome sign

9.) Tula glow and get it – this brightens, moisturizes and cools your under eye area. I put this on every morning with my moisturizer and in the afternoon when I need a little perk up.

TULA Skin Care Eye Balm Glow &amp; Get It - Dark Circle Treatment, Instantly Hydrate and Brighten Undereye Area, Portable and Perfect to Use On-the-go, 0.35 oz.

10.) Over the couch arm rest – no end table, no problem! This is an easy solution so that you can enjoy your favorite warm beverage while watching tv or curling up with a book.

SINWANT Bamboo Sofa Clip on Side Table for Wide Couches Arm, Foldable Couch Tray with 360° Rotating Phone Holder, Armrest Table for Eating/Drinks/Snacks/Remote/Control


Ring in the New Year with my 2024 bucket list and these free printables.

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2024 bucket list ins and outs for 2024

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Amazon readers favorites of 2023 - snail mucin, glass etched mugs, mock turtleneck sweatshirts, flare leggins, and more