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Top 5 purchases of July

top 5 purchases of july
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Here they are, your top 5 purchases from July! As always, everything is linked for your shopping pleasure 🙂

Top 5 purchases of July

Bissel Steam Shot – This was the top buy for July and for a good reason! This thing does it all – rugs, tough crevices, grout, etc.

bissell steamshot

Dress – so comfortable and flattering on all different body types.

amazon dress

Ruggable – Well worth the investment and Ruggable’s Customer Service has been amazing to work with!

Ruggable Hendesi Heriz Abalone

Tula face filter – use my code Ourtinynest for 15% off your first Tula order!

Tula face filter primer

Hat – I’ve been rocking this hat all summer long!

Best of Amazon womens sun hat


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