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Emegency Toddler Car Kit Essentials

emergency toddler car kit
This post is sponsored by Huggies but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
This post also contains affiliate links meaning I make a small commission.


Picture this – you run out to the store for milk, you don’t bring your diaper bag because you’re just running in and out. You pull into the parking lot at the store and realize your little one had a massive blowout. First of all, we’ve all been there.  I can’t tell you how many times this happened to me. If it wasn’t a diaper I needed, then it was something else – a blanket for the park, or a book or a toy to keep my little guy occupied while out in public.  That’s why I created an Emergency Toddler Car Kit, so that I am stocked and ready at all times.


Here are my Emergency Toddler Car Kit Essentials:


1.) Diapers – because you never know when there will be a blowout and it’s best to be prepared.


2.) Wipes – I use them for everything, from messy hands and faces to wiping off my counters. I love Huggies Natural Care Wipes. They’re 99% water based and are alcohol, paraben and fragrance free. Click here to buy some or head to your local Walmart.

Huggies Natural Care Wipes


3.) Diaper disposal bags – I keep these in my car and purse. And they are lavender scented!


4.) Hand sanitizer – It’s always a good idea to have on hand when traveling for after diaper changes, before eating or when out in public places.


5.) Spare change of clothes – I keep a pair of sweats/leggings, a t shirt, zip up hoodie, pair of socks and hat.


6.) Blanket – For the cooler months to keep warm and in the warmer months for picnics and trips to the beach and park. Love this one on Amazon

large indoor/outdoor buffalo plaid blanket


7.) Activity book – I have this one for my son and I love that it’s dry-erase. Just wipe clean and you can re-use. It’s a lifesaver when you have to wait somewhere and keep them occupied.


toddler dry erase activity book


8.) Snacks – because it’s no fun dealing with a hangry toddler.


9.) Drinks – love these cups as they are spill proof too!


10.) Sunscreen – When the weather gets nicer, we often stop at the park or playground. I love having some extra sunscreen in the car to reapply as needed.


11.) First aid kit – Because bumps and scrapes happen. This one is lightweight and compact.


Emergency Toddler Car Kit


Now you’ll be prepared for any road trips or just when out running errands with your little ones.

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emergency toddler car kit



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4 tips for planning your visit to the Ice Castles

ice castles

Last weekend we visited the Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire. The Ice Castles are man-made using over hundreds of thousands of icicles to create these breathtaking sculptures, archways and tunnels. It was absolutely beautiful, and definitely a must-see with your family in the winter time. I’m sharing some tips for planning for own visit.

ice castles

If you’re not in the northeast, Ice Castles also offers other locations including:

Dillon, CO, Edmonton, AB, Excelsior, MN, Lake Geneva, WI, and Midway, UT.

Here are 4 tips for planning your own visit to the Ice Castles:

1.) Buy tickets online and make reservations ahead of time.

You definitely want to buy your tickets online. You can buy tickets here.  We went at 1pm right when they opened on a weekend and it was super busy.  (I hear going during the weekday is the best if you can swing it). If you go later in the afternoon/evening, they have a really cool light display and light up all the castles.

We also made plans to stay overnight as it was a 4 hour drive for us. We stayed at the Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites in Plymouth. It was an easy 25 minute drive from the castles.

ice castles

2.) Dress warm.

Inside the Ice Castles, it’s 15 degrees cooler than it is outside so dress warm. (One good thing is that it definitely wasn’t as windy once you’re in the castles). Dress the kids in snowpants and other snow gear so that they can get down and explore. They had lots of tunnels and a slide. And be sure to wear boots as it is all ice. (Get my boots here. I have them in wheat/black).

And check out these comfy sweaters on Amazon

ice castles

3.) Hit up the slide first

When you get there, they offer a horse and carriage ride that goes around the castles and the surrounding property.  We did that first and then went inside the castles. They also have a big slide. I recommend doing that first once you’re in as the line is long. And then go and explore. You can stay in as long as you’d like, but once you exit, you can’t go back in.

ice castles

4.) Take lots and lots of pictures

The photo opportunities are endless. They have lots of archways, a couple balconies, and even a little ice couch so bring your camera!

ice castles

ice castles


ice castles

ice castles


ice castles