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14 books to read in 2023

14 books to read in 2023

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I am sharing some of my best book picks for this year.   There’s some romance, thrillers, historical fiction, new releases and even a few non-fiction and memoirs. Scroll down to see the 14 books you need to read in 2023.

And for those of you who like listening to audiobooks, click here to try Audible Premium Plus and get up to 2 books free!

14 Books To Read In 2023

Big Swiss by Jen Beagin

This book already has plans to be made into a movie. The main character is a transcriptionist for a sex therapist and becomes infatuated with one of the clients.


The House in the Pines by Ana Reyes

This thriller is a Reese’s Book Club pick. It’s a story about female friendship and a seven year journey to try to solve a “Who Done It?”.

Books to read in 2023 The House in The Pines


Spare by Prince Harry

By now, I don’t think there is a single soul who hasn’t heard of Prince Harry’s memoir. I hear that the best way to enjoy this one is by listening to it on audiobook. If you don’t already have it, click here to try audible plus.

books to read in 2023 Prince Harry Spare


The Family Secret by Kiersten Modglin

A newly engaged couple head out to live at the family estate after his parent’s die. But once there, the woman realizes that not only is she being watched by the house staff but they are covering family secrets. It sounds a little to me like the beginnings of the Dollaganger’s for any of you who read “If There Be Thorns” or “Flowers in The Attic”.

The Family Secret: An utterly gripping domestic thriller with a mind-blowing twist by [Kiersten Modglin]


You Just Need To Lose Weight And 19 Other Myths About Fat People by Aubrey Gordon

This New York Times Bestseller delves into the myths surrounding fat culture and offers fresh perspectives to bodies of all sizes.

“You Just Need to Lose Weight”: And 19 Other Myths About Fat People (Myths Made in America) by [Aubrey Gordon]


Locust Lane by Stephen Amidon

The reviews say that if you loved “Mystic River” or “Little Fires Everywhere” then you will like this one. A young woman is found dead in an affluent New England town. The three suspects are kids who were seen partying with her that night and each of their parents get involved, only muddying the waters.

books to read in 2023 locust lane


Happy Place by Emily Henry

This one debuts April 25th, 2023.

From the author who brought “Beach Read” and “The People We Meet On Vacation”. A couple who has been secretly broken up must fake it in front of their friends while away for a week in Maine.


This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay

This is a good read for anyone who is in the medical profession or if you’re interested in the healthcare system at all. It follows a Junior Doctor in the United Kingdom and shows the contrast of a government run healthcare system compared to that in the United States.

books to read in 2023 this is going to hurt


Someone Else’s Shoes by JoJoe Moyes

Nisha lives an affluent lifestyle until her wealthy husband files for divorce. At the same time, Sam is at the lowest point until she finds Nisha’s gym bag and puts on her Laboutins inspiring her to change her life around. If you’re looking for a heartwarming story, read this one!

books to read in 2023 in someone else's shoes


The Woman With The Cure by Lynn Cullen

The story takes place in the 1940s and 50’s when Polio is wiping across America and causing many cities to go into lockdown. It’s based on the true story about a woman who races to find a cure. Set to be released on 2/21!

Books to read in 2023 the woman with the cure


The Lost Girls of Willowbrook by Ellen Marie Wiseman

This story is based on the real institution Willowbrook known for it’s shocking abuse to it’s residents.  Sage is a twin and she has always known that her sister was a little bit different. After their mother dies, Sage sets out to find her sister at Willowbrook but she is mistaken for her sister once she arrives.

books to read in 2023 the lost girls of willowbrook


The Housemaid’s Secret by Freida McFadden

This one sounds like a twisty page turning. A young woman is employed as a housekeeper for a stunning penthouse. She has yet to meet the lady of the house and was told not to step foot into the guest bedroom until one day she decides to knock on the door.

14 books to read in 2023 the housemaid's secret


The Golden Spoon by Jessa Maxwell

To be released March 7th 2023. A group of bakers set out to a Vermont estate for a baking competition but then a body is discovered. The reviews say that it combines the likes of The Great British Bakeoff with Clue.

14 books to read in 2023 The Golden Spoon


Girls And Their Horses by Eliza Jane Brazier

This one doesn’t come out until June 6th, 2023 and I can’t wait! All about horse girl cliques, barn moms drinking wine, gossip, backstabbing and a suspicious death. You can pre-order it now!

Girls and Their Horses by [Eliza Jane Brazier]


Happy Reading!!! Now go get lost in a book.

For more reading fun check out my

Winter Reading challenge

How to Host a Book Exchange Brunch

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How to host a Book Exchange Brunch

How to host a book exchange brunch

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Welcome friends! Today we’re combining two of my loves – books and brunch! Scroll down to see how to host a fun book exchange brunch with a free printable.

If you are new here, thanks so much for popping by! I’m Nicolle, a wife, mom to 2 boys, nurse by day, creator and homebody. I love being home and creating cozy spaces, getting lost in a good book with a cup of coffee and all carbs! If this sounds like you too, stay awhile and let’s become friends! You can follow me on Instagram @ourtiny_nest where I share more book picks and am currently doing a winter reading challenge!

Nicolle Our Tiny Nest book exchange brunch

How to host a book exchange brunch

I am happy to be joining some of my lovely friends for their monthly supper club. Thank you to Jen from Midwest Life and Style for inviting me to join this month! Obviously as a big book nerd I had to say yes! If you don’t know Jen, she is a wife, mom of 2, event planner by day and blogger who is from Nebraska. She makes the most delicious recipes, (check out her blueberry sour cream coffee cake, you won’t be sorry) and the most innovative tablescapes!  So make sure to follow her!

And if you are coming from my friend Jen at Midwest Life and Style, welcome!  I hope you will stick around!

I got the idea for this book exchange brunch from those little public library shares. The path where we go on our walks has one of those free little community libraries where you can take a book and leave a book. So I was inspired to do a brunch with a similar idea and have a book exchange.

Now the concept is, each guest needs to bring a book that they enjoyed to share and exchange with the other guests so be sure to include that in your invite.

The Tablesetting

Table Runner

I started by creating a table runner out of book pages. This was super simple to do. I had a bunch of used books from old book sales that I had on hand for crafts. If you don’t have a book on hand that you want to use for this purpose, check out your local Dollar Store. They have tons of books!

I ripped out the pages and started gluing them together to make a runner.

DIY book page table runner

Some tips for creating the runner – lay out the pages first in the desired length and width. I did it kind of haphazardly which I think adds a little dramatic effect and no stress about it being perfect. Then glue the pages together and allow to dry.

The place setting

How to host a book exchange brunch

I wanted to keep the place setting simple and all about the books.  At each place setting, I included this printout for guests to fill out about their book, why they love it and then put inside the book they were sharing.

I’m sharing my printable below for anyone that wants to do something similar, just click the link.

how to host a book exchange brunch

Click here to download the free printable

The Table Decor

For the table decor I stacked some books that I had.  I think hardcover works best and I took the book jackets off to display the original binding. You can also wrap some books in wrapping paper so that it fits your color scheme. I did a little of both.

Then I added mason jars with fresh flowers to give a little pop of color.

How to host a book exchange brunch - book page table runner and book decor

In the middle of the table I placed a basket where everyone could place their books and choose which ones they wanted to exchange.


I’ll link some of my pieces that I used to create the tablescape and similar decor below

beaded dish set beaded hobnail glasses brunch party brunch party tablescape with linen napkin hyacinth basket

blue hobnail glasses tiered tray tea party tablescape decor gold candles tablescape decor book club brunch and tablescape decor

For the exchange

Have you guests go around the table and choose a book out of the basket that they want to read and guess who the book is from before opening and reading the card aloud.  This is also a good way for the other guests to get ideas for books to add to their reading list.

How to host a book exchange brunch

You can check out the whole brunch menu here. It’s a pretty delicious lineup!

6 recipes for a book club brunch


And if you’re looking to join a little virtual book club of sorts, check out how to join my Winter Reading Challenge! I’m also sharing some books to kick off 2023!


Now be sure to head over to the ladies at Simply 2 Mom’s, Anne and AnneMarie to see their ideas for creating a tablescape for a book club gathering. I love the color palette they chose, it’s so rich looking with blacks, greens and golds. 

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how to host a book exchange brunch

Check out all of the beautiful tablescape ideas for hosting a book club brunch below

Rachel at The Pond’s Farmhouse

Book club brunch tablescape

Stacy from Bricks ‘n Blooms

Tablescape idea for book club brunch

Michele at Vintage Home Designs

Tablescape ideas for a book club brunch

Jen at Midwest Life and Style

Book club brunch ideas

Ann & AnnMarie from Simply 2 Moms

How to host a book club brunch

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2022 Summer Reading Challenge

2022 Summer Reading Challenge

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Ok I am soooo excited about this! I am so happy to launch this year’s 2022 Summer Reading Challenge. This was in large part inspired by all of you! I know there are alot of readers here in this space and I thought this would be a fun way to encourage us all to read.

Scroll down to see how to take part in this year’s Summer Reading challenge and for some of my book ideas.

How to participate in the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge

1.) Save this graphic below to your phone or go over to my Instagram and click here to save the Summer Reading Challenge template.

2022 Summer Reading Challenge

2.) The idea is to read books in each category to try and get a BINGO or bonus points if you do a cover all and fill in all the boxes! Each time you read a book that checks off one of the boxes, share to your Instagram stories and tag me @ourtiny_nest.

3.) The challenge will end September 5th. Be sure to share your finished template to your Instagram story with each box ticked off and tag me @ourtiny_nest to get credit!


Everyone who gets a BINGO or a coverall will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card!

Be sure to share with any of your friends you think would want to read along.

And if you have any questions, you can send me a DM on Instagram or comment on this post.


Scroll down to see some of my book suggestions.


Beach Reads

The Hotel Nantucket I just bought this one. I love anything by Elin Hilderbrand, she is Queen of summer beach reads!

2022 summer reading challenge The Hotel Nantucket

The Boardwalk Book Shop – Takes places on the California Coast, three friends run a Book Shop/Gift Shop/Bakery. It’s a story of sisterhood and friendship.

2022 Summer Reading challenge The Boardwalk Bookshop



The Club – This was a Reese Book Club pick. Takes place in an exclusive club off the coast of England where the rich and famous party hard but the body count goes up.

2022 Summer Reading Challenge The Club



It Happened One Summer – This was actually a recommendation by a few of you if you like spiceeeee <3

2022 Summer Reading Challenge It happened one summer


Book by a new author

The Long Answer by Anna Hoagland explores the issues of motherhood, fertility and sisterhood.

2022 Summer reading Challenge

How To Fake It In Hollywood 2 Hollywood celebrities enter into a fake relationship as part of a PR stunt. The reviews say it’s full of drama and sexy love scenes.

2022 Summer Reading Challenge How to Fake it In Hollywood

For more book ideas check out

22 Books to Read in 2022

Summer Reading List


2022 Summer Reading Challenge


I can’t wait to see what books you all read this summer. Happy Reading!


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22 Books to Read in 2022

22 books to read in 2022

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One of my goals for 2022 is to read more. I think between the pandemic and the cluster that was the past few years, I’m ready to just immerse myself in some good books and escape for awhile. Below I’m sharing 22 books to read in 2022. A mix of thrillers, romance, new releases and old.

And for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, click here!

If you have a Kindle, get Kindle Unlimited for $9.99/month!

And be sure to check out this idea for a book exchange brunch to host with your bookish friends!

22 Books to Read in 2022

Winter in Paradise – Elin Hildebrand is one of my top favorite authors. Instead of her usual Nantucket based story, this one takes place around New Year’s in St. John’s. The perfect escape from snowy weather.

22 books to read in 2022 - winter in paradise

The Maid – This one was just released! 25 year old Molly works as a maid. She struggles in social situations and is a bit quirky. One day she finds a wealthy man dead in his bed. The story is described as a cozy, heartwarming read.

22 books to read in 2022 - the maid

Ugly Love  – a girl meets an airplane pilot, he’s looking to have fun, no strings attached. There’s two rules to their arrangement – don’t ask about the past and don’t expect a future. And then things get ugly.

22 books to read in 2022 - ugly love

Joan is Okay – to be released on January 18th. About a Chinese American ICU doctor in New York City faced with a worldly health crisis. Kinda similar to our pandemic situation right now.

22 books to read in 2022 - joan is okay

The Last House on the Street – available January 11th. A woman and her husband are in the process of building their dream home when he dies tragically in an accident. One day an older woman shows up and tells the grieving widow she shouldn’t move in. A thriller that weaves in history and social injustice.

22 books to read in 2022 - the last house on the street

The Golden Couple – what seems like a perfect couple is shaken by an affair. They head to a well renowned marriage counselor who doesn’t play by the rules and there’s many suspenseful twists.

22 books to read in 2022 - the golden couple

Life Flight – An EMS helicoptor who thrives on high stress situations is carrying a critical patient when she is forced to land on a mountain due to a raging storm with a serial killer on the lose. If you’re the high adrenaline type, this sounds right up your alley!

22 books to read in 2022 - life flight

The Midwife’s Secret – 2 missing girls and a midwife who is accused of their disappearances and the death of a mother in childbirth.

22 books to read in 2022 - the midwife's secret

People We Meet On Vacation – friends turned lovers go on a vacation together for a second chance romance. This book was a 2021 GoodReads Choice Winner.

22 books to read in 2022 - people we meet on vacaton

Long Bright River – two sisters raised in Philadelphia during an opioid crisis. One turns to the streets looking for her next fix, the other becomes a police officer in the same neighborhood until one of the sisters disappears during a string of murders.

22 books to read in 2022 - long bright river

Reminders of Him – coming Jan 18th. Another Colleen Hoover read. A woman is released from prison and is trying to reunite with her four year old daughter. A local bar owner proves to be the link between connecting her with their daughter. In true CoHo form, this sounds like a super emotional, gripping romance.

22 books to read in 2022 - reminders of him

Greenwich Park – this one is coming January 25th. The reviews say it’s a story about impending motherhood, friendship and secrets.

22 books to read in 2022 - greenwich park

Local Woman Missing – This was voted “Best Book of the Month” for thrillers by Amazon. A woman and her daughter go missing and eventually the case goes cold. Years later, the daughter resurfaces and everyone wants to know what happened.

22 books to read in 2022 - local woman missing

East Coast Girls – this one has mixed reviews but the storyline sounds really good to me. A story of 4 best friends who vacation in Montauk until a tragedy occurs. Years later they decide to reconnect for one more vacation together.

22 books to read in 2022 - east coast girls

The Drowning Kind – If you’re looking for a spooky, supernatural book this is it. A woman finds her sister has drowned in a pool. It goes deeper to reveal that the pool apparently has a history of a dark past.

22 books to read in 2022 - the drowning kind

The First Wife – the reviews say this is perfect if you liked “Big Little Lies” and “The Couple Next Door”. A woman goes to spend some time at the beach with her friend. One night, she is woken up by the sound of a scream.

22 books to read in 2022 - the first wife

The Islanders – this would be a great summer read as it takes place in Block Island, one of my favorite places. Three women who are on Block Island meet and their lives become intertwined.

22 books to read in 2022 - the islanders


7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – I have been wanting to read this one for awhile! The reviews say it’s full of Old Hollywood glamour as Evelyn Hugo tells her story of love, overcoming adversity and sexism.

22 books to read in 2022- the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

Wish You Were Here – one of the latest books from Jodi Picoult and very present day as it’s about a woman who just about has it all and then a pandemic hits.

22 books to read in 2022 - wish you were here

The Love Hypothesis – A contemporary romance. A PhD student who doesn’t believe in romantic relationships until the subject of her eye is a young hot professor.

22 books to read in 2022 - the love hypothesis

The Book of Cold Cases – Expected March 15th. If you’re a lover of true crime this is for you! The main character works at a doctor’s office during the day however her tragic past has spurred her passion as a true crime blogger. She begins to interview a woman who is acquitted of murder, meeting at her mansion regularly when she feels she may be getting manipulated.

22 books to read in 2022 - the book of cold cases

The Lying Club – Expected March 22nd. They say this will be your new obsession if you loved “Big Little Lies” and “Little Fires Everywhere”. Takes place in an elite private school in Colorado, with tension between moms and daughters, the haves and have nots.

22 books to read in 2022 - the lying club


See more about how to put together a book exchange brunch

how to host a book exchange brunch