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Holiday blessings

2020 has certainly been a rough year. With so many families struggling, I wanted to use our community to do some good and bless one or two families in need.

Below, read on to learn more about the family you will be helping and their Amazon Wish List. Once you’ve purchased something off the list, it will be removed.


Meet The Chittle Family

Holiday Blessings

Janice Chittle is a single mom to three amazing sons, William, Henry and Teddy. William suffers from Mitochondrial Disease and has dealt with an array of medical issues his whole life.  At  11 years old, William has had a total of 25 surgeries. Henry is almost 9, and the “comic relief of the family. Watching his two bothers battle illnesses, he strives to help others as much as possible and has developed a deep love of fundraising to do so. Teddy is the baby of the family and at 2 years old, shares the same gene mutation for the Mitochondrial Disease that Will has.

Will and Teddy require constant and ever changing medical care that includes monthly hospital visits to see specialists at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin which is about 5 hours away from their home in Michigan. As a single mom of three, Janice struggles with finances and constantly trying to clone herself to be able to be in more than one place at a time. This year, has been especially difficult. Due to Covid, Janice lost both of her jobs and the medical bills continue to stack up.

Throughout it all, the family maintains positive and are very grateful for all of the wonderful people in their life.


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I would love to be able to add a few more families to this list. If you know of a family going through hardship, feel free to email me at