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Apple Pear Fall Sangria

Fall Sangria

This post is sponsored by Free Spirit Bundle but all thoughts and opinions are my own

Remember Thirsty Thursday in college? Well I’m coming to you with a delish cocktail this Thursday and it’s a little more elevated than those jugs or boxes of wine you maybe used to drink when you were younger. Scroll down for my Apple Pear Fall sangria recipe and an exclusive code for my followers.

Apple Pear Fall Sangria

Apples, cider, white wine and pear vodka come together for a refreshing fall beverage.  Whether you’re getting together with friends or serving for the holidays, this sangria is a beautiful cocktail.


  • 1 bottle white wine
  • 2 cups apple cider
  • Pear vodka
  • 2 apples sliced
  • 2-3 sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • cinnamon bark


In a large pitcher add the apple slices, rosemary and cinnamon sticks.

Pour the wine, apple cider and vodka – I don’t measure 😉

Stir until combined.

You can serve immediately or let sit in the refrigerator for a few hours to enhance the flavors.

Apple Pear Fall Sangria

This would be a great beverage to serve for Thanksgiving! And isn’t this pitcher gorgeous? It came in this quarter’s Free Spirit Bundle Box. Your quarterly subscription gets you a luxury box of eclectic decor items, an online community with access to an interior designer and helps give back. Use my code NICOLLE on your first subscription and a complimentary handmade gift as a Thank You <3. Click here to get your bundle.

I love to see what you create. If you make this, be sure to take a photo and tag me on Instagram @ourtiny_nest.

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Apple pear fall sangria


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Spicy Ranch Water

Spicy Ranch Water

Have you tried Ranch Water? It’s a refreshing, low calorie cocktail. I decided to give it a little kick since I have discovered my love of spicy beverage. Scroll down for my easy spicy ranch water recipe anytime you want a nice cool tequila cocktail with a little punch.

What is Ranch Water?

Ranch Water originally was made in Texas out of Topo Chico mineral water, limes and tequila. It was the cattle ranchers preferred beverage to cool off after a long day of working in the heat. With just a few ingredients, it’s super easy to make and is more of like the casual sibling of the margarita.

Spicy Ranch Water

Ranch water on it’s own is very refreshing but I wanted to give it a little extra kick. I’ve never been a fan of spicy things but last year I fell in love with spicy margaritas. A friend of ours gave us a bunch of jalapenos from their garden and I made this Spicy Watermelon Margarita (click here for the recipe).

The jalapenos add a nice heat and are balanced by the coolness of the bubbly Topo Chico so it’s not too incredibly spicy. Rim your glass with a little Tajin seasoning for some salty spice with each sip.

Spicy Ranch Water


  • Topo chico mineral water
  • Blanco tequila (my favorite is Casa Amigos)
  • Lime sliced into wedges
  • 1 jalapeno sliced.
  • Tajin seasoning


1.) Start by rimming your glass with some Tajin seasoning. (I found this Tajin seasoning rimmer on Amazon)

2.) Fill your glass with ice. I like to use a rocks glass, like this set. Squeeze the juice from a wedge of lime and add the lime wedge and a few slices of jalapenos.

3.) Add your tequila. I don’t measure so use your judgement 😉

4.) Fill to the top with Topo Chico and stir.

5.) Add a few more jalapeno slices to garnish.


I love to see what you create so if you try my recipe, take a photo and tag me on Instagram @ourtiny_nest!


Spicy Ranch Water

Spicy Ranch Water


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These top margarita recipes


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Spicy ranch water

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Shark Week Fish Bowls

Shark Week Fish Bowls
This post contains affiliate links

These fish bowls are the perfect drink to kick off Shark Week!

It’s the most wonderful time of year! No not Christmas in July – Shark Week! I have loved Shark Week ever since I was little and I still look forward to it as an adult. And now, my boys love it too! Shark Week starts this Sunday July 24th.

These shark week fish bowls are super fun and festive to sip on while you’re watching Shark Week. Showing you how to make them below!

Shark Week Fish Bowls


  • Nerd clusters
  • Blue lemonade (Linking the one I used or you can do regular lemonade and add blue food coloring)
  • Splash of Lemon-Lime soda or seltzer water
  • Shark gummies or Sweedish Fish
  • Lemon Slices
  • A generous shot of your favorite tequila to make it an adult cocktail 😉

Shark Week Fish Bowls


Start by filling the fish bowl with nerd clusters. Then layer with ice and the gummie sharks.

Shark Week Fish Bowls

Pour your blue lemonade, seltzer and tequila (if making for an adult).

Top with lemon slices and a gummie shark on the rim.

shark week fish bowls

Drink at your own risk

I love to see what you create so if you make these be sure to tag me on Instagram @ourtiny_nest.


Fish bowls

Shark Week fish bowls

Nerd clusters

Shark Week fish bowls

Blue Lemonade

Shark Week Fish Bowls


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Shark Week Fish Bowls

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Top 9 Margarita recipes

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9 Best Margarita Recipes

9 of the best margarita recipes

There’s no wrong way to sip a margarita am I right? I’m sharing 9 of the best Margarita recipes for you to try! From the classic, to sweet, and spicy and even a beer margarita! Scroll down to see all of my favorite Margarita recipes.

Whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo, kicking back in the warm weather or just rewarding yourself for making it through the day, these 9 Best Margarita Recipes are sure to tickle your fancy!

9 Best Margarita Recipes


9 Best Margarita Recipes - Popsiclearita

This is my spin on the classic and it’s perfect for your summer parties!


  • 1 lime popsicle
  • club soda
  • 1 shot of tequila (I prefer Casa Amigos)
  • lime
  • salt



1.) Start by slicing a wedge of lime, running along the edge of your glass and then dip the rim of the glass in salt (or sugar if you prefer).

2.) Fill the glass with ice.

3.) Add to the glass club soda and tequila and wedge of lime.

4.) Unwrap the popsicle and stir into the glass.


These are so simple! Make a bunch and serve poolside to cool off or serve with some fresh guac and tortilla chips!


9 Best Margarita Recipes - Popsicle-rita


Spicy Watermelon Margarita

Get the recipe

The coolness of the watermelon balances out the heat from the jalapeno.

Spicy Watermelon Margarita


Cucumber Elderflower Margarita

Get the recipe

Cool and refreshing with a little bit of sweetness from the elderflower.

Cucumber Elderflower Margarita


Blood Orange Margarita – Garnish With Lemon

Get the Recipe

This recipe makes a whole pitcher! And the taste blood oranges can be enjoyed in spring, summer and the cooler months too! This makes a great fall or holiday margarita!

9 Best Margarita Recipes - blood orange margarita


Fresh Peach Margaritas – That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Get the Recipe

This is a sweet way to beat the summer heat when peaches are in season!

9 best margarita recipes fresh peach margaritas


Prickly Pear Frozen Margarita – Muy Bueno

Get the Recipe

I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful margarita! Nor have I ever tried a prickly pear margarita, making this a bucket list item this summer!

9 Best Margarita Recipes Prickly Pear Margarita


Amy Locourto homemade margarita mix

Get the Recipe

9 best margarita recipes margarita mix

This is perfect to bring as a hostess gift to summer parties or get togethers!



Tajin Mango Margarita – Crisp Collective

Get the Recipe


9 Best Margarita Recipes Tajin Mango Margarita


Beer Margarita AKA Beergarita – The Tidy Mom

Get the Recipe

This one has Cinco De Mayo written all over it!

9 Best Margarita Recipes beer margarita


Serve any of these margaritas with this Taco Pizza to elevate your Taco Tuesday or Cinco de Mayo Celebration! Click here for my Taco Pizza recipe.


Or if you’re entertaining and want to wow your guests, serve with this Steak Charcuterie Board. Click here to see how I put it together!


Linking some margarita must haves below!

Cocktail Shaker and Bartender Kit

9 Best Margarita recipes cocktail shaker and bartender kit

Margarita Glasses

9 Best Margarita Recipes margarita glasses

Lime and Salt Rimmer

9 Best margarita recipes lime and salt rimmer


If you make any of these, come say “Cheers!” and tag me over on Instagram, @ourtiny_nest!

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9 of the best margarita recipes