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How to remember to do self breast exams

How to remember to do self breast exams

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We all know someone who has been effected by Breast Cancer. According to the CDC, Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States. Regular and routine Breast Cancer screening is the best way for early detection and developing a treatment plan. Scroll down for my free printable reminder to do your monthly self breast exams.

Who should be screened annually for Breast Cancer?

Women ages 45 and older should get a mammogram every year. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you can talk to your provider about early screening before age 45.

All women should do monthly self breast exams to check for any changes in your breast tissue or appearance. If you notice any changes, tell your provider right away.

How to remember to do self breast exams, breast cancer

What are the symptoms of Breast Cancer?

  • a change in size or outline of breasts, especially with arm movement.
  • any puckering, dimpling or redness of skin.
  • Any changes in your nipple, if it has become pulled in, changes shape, discharge, bleeding or if the skin has become dry or flaky.
  • any lumps or swelling in your breast that feels different from the other.
  • any lumps or swelling near your armpits or collarbone.

Monthly self breast exams

monthly self breast exams

How to remember to do self breast exams

Monthly self breast exams are important for getting used to how your breasts normally look or feel. This will help you better recognize any changes if they occur.

I will admit, when it comes to doing monthly self breast exams, I don’t always remember (nurses make the worst patients). When I do perform my self breast exams, it’s usually in the shower. I had the idea to make a little shower card for myself to help me remember to regularly check my breasts. I printed this little graphic out, laminated it and hang it in my shower so that I see it every morning.

How to remember to do self breast exams

I’ve created a free printable so that you can have your own to remember to do your self breast exams!

Click here to download your free reminder to do your self breast exams

And if you haven’t already, here is your reminder to have your annual check-up! Stay healthy ladies and save the ta-tas!

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How to remember to do self breast exams

How to remember to do self breast exams

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How to dry hydrangeas

How to dry your hydrangeas

We’re having a little birthday party for Dude Man this weekend so we’ve been working out in the yard and garden beds to spruce things up. Now is the perfect time to dry your hydrangeas if you haven’t already! It’s super easy to do and gives you beautiful free decor! I’m sharing my tips on how to dry your hydrangeas below!

Our hydrangeas exploded this year! I have strawberry vanilla hydrangeas and limelight and the colors were just gorgeous!

How to dry your hydrangeasHow to dry your hydrangeas

Late August-October is the perfect time to harvest them to dry out so you can enjoy them all year long. You’ll notice that the hydrangeas start to dry out a little on their own and become almost papery and a little crunchy in texture. You’ll also notice the color beginning to deepen and they start to look a little vintage. This is the best time to cut them.

How to dry your hydrangeas

Now you absolutely can just cut them and bring them in and allow to dry on their own or hand them upside down. But this is my favorite method below. I find that it yields a nicer color.


How to dry your hydrangreas

1.) Cut your stems so they are about 12 inches long.

2.) Remove all of the leaves from the stems.

3.) Place them in a vase of about 1-2 inches of water.

4.) Place the vase out of direct sunlight and allow the water to evaporate (about 1-2 weeks). This will naturally dry out your hydrangeas.

How to dry your hydrangeas

You can arrange your dried hydrangeas in vases, baskets or even make a dried hydrangea wreath. The muted tones are beautiful all year long!

How to dry your hydrangeas

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how to dry your hydrangeas


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Fall front porch

Random thoughts on this chilly October morning…

We started decorating our house for Halloween this week. We got our pumpkins for our front porch and this year I’m really feeling the potted kale/cabbage look.

The bats also made their appearance again as well. (If you missed Your Top Purchases of September, I’ve linked them in there!)

We have yet to bust out Bob Skellington (those of you have been following for awhile know who he is) but we did get him a little companion this year. You will meet him next week.

skeleton halloween decor

Bob Skellington last year

One of the highlights from this week – Britney is officially free!!!!

I’ve been completely sucked in by the Gabby Pettito case. Can we all just find Brian Laundrie already?

When I’m not watching the news or HLN this is what I’ve been watching:

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” all about the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. I’m not a huge history buff but it’s really interesting. I will say though you really have to pay attention because it’s somewhat hard to follow. It stars Sarah Paulson who I just love.

I’ve also been watching the newest “American Horror Story” which features her as well. It takes place in Provincetown, Mass and I think is much better than some of the other more recent seasons.

If you loved “The Haunting of Hill House” and “The Haunting of Bly Manor” on Netflix, a new show was just released by the same director. It’s called “Midnight Mass” and jury is still out on how I feel about it.

It’s officially spooky month and my favorite month ever!!!! Besides Halloween, its the perfect excuse to wear comfy sweaters, eat cozy foods and cuddle up on the couch. I’ve got a round up of some of my favorite Halloween ideas saved to a highlight on my Instagram!

This  Easy Sheet Pan Dinner is one of my favorite fall meals! Tons of comforting flavors perfect for a busy weeknight.

Easy Fall Sheet Pan Dinner

Hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend!

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Top Purchases of September

Your top purchases of September
This post contains affiliate links

Happy Friday! Somehow it is October 1st! September flew by. Instead of my usual “5 Things I Bought Friday” I’m sharing with you all your Top Purchases of September. These were the most popular buys from the links I’ve shared throughout the month.

Your Top Purchases of September

Coffee pot – This is part of Drew Barrymore’s new line of kitchenware for Walmart. We have it in the white icing (it’s sold out) but there’s other gorgeous colors too! Makes up to 14 cups and touchscreen. If I had a white kitchen I honestly would have bought it in the sage.

Beautiful touchscreen coffee pot

Frother My obsession with this is honestly embarassing. I froth EVERYTHING. (My favorite is my homemade pumpkin spice latte) Makes a huge difference!

coffee frother

Tula Lip Trio – 3 beautiful glossy shades that also hydrate your lips. Tastes great too! My favorite is the blushing lemonade. If it’s your first time placing a Tula order, use my code OURTINYNEST for 15% off!

Tula lip trio


Flannel Cardigan from Target -This was the TOP seller of September! Perfect for this time of year.

Target flannel cardigan

Sanderson Sisters Tee Shirt – Sissstaaassss!!!! How freaking cute for fall and you can layer it with the Target flannel cardigan above. Sanderson Sisters Halloween Hocus Pocus tshirt

Bats – One of the most popular buys from 2020 and this year too! Head over to my instagram to see our dining room this year with the bats.

3-d bat decor Halloween decor

Googly Eyes – I have been adding these to everything I make because it makes it that much more fun to eat. We made the yogurt bark below with them too!!!! Click for recipe.

Halloween Yogurt Bark

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