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10 Journal Prompts for Self Discovery and Reflection

10 journal prompts for self discovery

Recently, I started journaling. I have always enjoyed writing and for me, putting my thoughts to paper has been great for self reflection, goal setting, and overall mental health. I’m sharing some easy ways to get started journaling and 10 journal prompts for self discovery and reflection.

Why journal?

Writing in a journal has been shown to be an effective way to organize one’s thoughts and clear the mental clutter. Given the fact that we have been living in a pandemic, social distancing, homeschooling, working from home, etc. many of us are feeling the stress and burnout.

Journaling can be a great resource for helping one recognize their feelings if they tend to bury them (ahem, me!), cope with anxiety or depression and aid in personal development and setting goals. It’s a safe space where you can have a little check in with yourself daily and may also be useful in helping recognize any patterns.

Tips to get started

1.) Get a journal. You don’t need anything fancy, a simple notebook is just fine or you can choose from several pretty ones on Amazon.

2.) Write! You can start with just brain dumping where you basically just write whatever is on your mind. For me, I sometimes find that blank page intimidating and I like to start with some journal prompts. (See below). However you start, just write.

3.) Be consistent. Make it a habit . Try to do it at the same time each day. And if you a miss a day, or 2 or 5, don’t beat yourself up. Just pick up the pen and write again. Eventually, the more you do it, it will become second nature.

4.) Make it your own. You can draw, add photos, do whatever you want. It’s just for you. The main thing is to be honest with yourself.


Here are 10 journal prompts for self discovery and reflection


1.) What are my top strengths?

2.) What is something I thought I couldn’t do but did anyway?

3.) What does my ideal life look like? How can I achieve it?

4.) Top 5 short and long term goals.

5.) Write about something that’s been weighing heavy on you or causing worry.

6.) What made me feel good today?

7.) If my body could talk it would say…

8.) Write a list – bucket list, books you want to read, places you want to visit, etc.

9.)How do you feel right now? Why do you think you feel that way?

10.) What’s something I need to let go of that’s holding me back?



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10 journal prompts for self discovery and reflection



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10 Ways to love yourself

10 ways to love yourself

Around Valentine’s Day we shower our significant others and our kids with love but it’s important to show yourself love too! And self love is important every day, not just Valentine’s Day. As women I think it’s natural for us to nurture others and so often we forget about numero uno – ourselves.

Here are 10 Ways to love yourself:


  1. Buy yourself flowers – when was the last time you bought yourself flowers just because? It’s an instant mood boost!
  2. Write yourself a love letter – What are some things you love about yourself? Write them all down whether it be on a list or in a journal. Read that to yourself every day.
  3. Treat yourself to a spa day – whether it’s going to an actual spa or giving yourself a few treatments at home. Make yourself feel pampered.
  4. Silence the inner critic – I think this is a hard one because naturally we are all so critical of ourselves. But it leads to feelings of shame. Instead, talk to yourself like you would talk to your friend. Would you tell your friend her thighs looked big? Probably not, so don’t say it to yourself. Love yourself in your current state for who you are.
  5. Find a passion project and pursue it – What sets your soul on fire? Do you love writing? Are you crafty? Find a hobby and practice it regularly.
  6. Treat your body well – nourish it with good foods and water. One of the things I frequently tell myself “you are not a garbage disposal”. I hate to see food go to waste and often my lunch looks like me leaning over the counter shoveling my kid’s leftovers in my mouth. Make yourself a nice nutritious meal, serve it on a nice plate or bowl and sit down and enjoy it, actually taste it. Move your body daily.
  7. Go inward – When was the last time you sat somewhere alone and in the quiet? It can be a pretty powerful thing. This is a good way to practice slowing down. Recognize what feelings come.
  8. Do your hair and makeup just because – Even if you’re not going anywhere. When you look good, you feel good!
  9. Take a nap – Give yourself time to recharge the batteries without any judgment.
  10. Shorten your “to-do” list – We all have lists a mile long of things we need to do. Instead, write down 3 “have-tos”, or things that must get done that day. Accomplish those and then give yourself grace and allow time for relaxation or fun.


What are some ways you show yourself love?


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10 ways to practice self love