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5 Things I Bought Friday

This post contains affiliate links

Happy Friday!!! Here are the latest and greatest of my Amazon purchases. Below I’m sharing this week’s “5 Things I Bought Friday”. As always, click the links to shop. You can also follow my Amazon Store Front where everything is linked there as well!


5 Things I Bought Friday

Dandelion Root Tea – Dandelion Root Tea has sooo many benefits. I drink this when I feel super bloated or inflammed and it helps to shed that extra water weight. It’s also great for digestion, immunity, and overall wellbeing. It doesn’t taste the best but it works! I make a cup in the morning with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of tumeric.

Dandelion Root Tea - 5 things I bought Friday

Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner – I started using Olaplex probably like 6 months ago after I noticed a lot of breakage in my hair. This has helped make my hair stronger and healthier looking! Between this and the Malibu Hair repair as we had hard water before, I’ve noticed a big change.

Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner - 5 things I bought Friday

Inflatable – I swore I would never be on those houses but the kids wore me down.

Halloween Inflatable 5 things I bought Friday

Shacket – Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? It’s a shacket! Super cute for fall and I love these colors too! It’s not wool lined either so it’s not itchy.

shacket - 5 things I bought Friday

Pink Stuff Cleaners – I was watching a Tik Tok and someone used this stuff to clean and the before and afters were amazing! I bought the whole bundle!

The Pink Stuff Cleaners - 5 things I bought Friday


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Top Purchases of September

Your top purchases of September
This post contains affiliate links

Happy Friday! Somehow it is October 1st! September flew by. Instead of my usual “5 Things I Bought Friday” I’m sharing with you all your Top Purchases of September. These were the most popular buys from the links I’ve shared throughout the month.

Your Top Purchases of September

Coffee pot – This is part of Drew Barrymore’s new line of kitchenware for Walmart. We have it in the white icing (it’s sold out) but there’s other gorgeous colors too! Makes up to 14 cups and touchscreen. If I had a white kitchen I honestly would have bought it in the sage.

Beautiful touchscreen coffee pot

Frother My obsession with this is honestly embarassing. I froth EVERYTHING. (My favorite is my homemade pumpkin spice latte) Makes a huge difference!

coffee frother

Tula Lip Trio – 3 beautiful glossy shades that also hydrate your lips. Tastes great too! My favorite is the blushing lemonade. If it’s your first time placing a Tula order, use my code OURTINYNEST for 15% off!

Tula lip trio


Flannel Cardigan from Target -This was the TOP seller of September! Perfect for this time of year.

Target flannel cardigan

Sanderson Sisters Tee Shirt – Sissstaaassss!!!! How freaking cute for fall and you can layer it with the Target flannel cardigan above. Sanderson Sisters Halloween Hocus Pocus tshirt

Bats – One of the most popular buys from 2020 and this year too! Head over to my instagram to see our dining room this year with the bats.

3-d bat decor Halloween decor

Googly Eyes – I have been adding these to everything I make because it makes it that much more fun to eat. We made the yogurt bark below with them too!!!! Click for recipe.

Halloween Yogurt Bark

Check out my:

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5 things I bought Friday

5 Things I Bought Friday

This post contains affiliate links

TGIF Friends!!!! It’s time for another 5 Things I Bought Friday. Can you tell we have Halloween on the brain over here? I was never a big fan of Halloween until having kids and now I love all the spooky fun things that come with the season. So without another minute, scroll down to see my purchases from this week.

Spiders – I saw a fun idea for spooky Halloween soap and these spiders did the trick! Fill a liquid soap dispenser halfway with soap, add some spiders, top off with more soap and voila – you have spooky Halloween soap! Maxwell has also been leaving this little spiders around the house on our pillows and table to try and scare us 🙂

plastic spiders Halloween decor


Halloween spooky soap

Bats – These 3-D bats were a hit last year and they are back!!!! We decorated our walls and doors this week. They’re also easy to take down and won’t pull the paint off your walls.

3-d bat decor Halloween decor

Buffalo check cardigan – I thought this was perfect for Halloween and into fall. Layer with fun graphic tees (stay tuned for that), or dress it up.

Buffalo check cardigan

Butter bronzer – ok so not Halloween themed but I have been wearing this for over a year and was running low. Great drugstore bronzer, very natural looking and smells nice too! (I use the exclusive edition, shown below. Not sure what the difference is to be honest).

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Halloween play dough kit – I just bought this for the kids the other day and it should be arriving shortly! The kids LOVE these fun playdough kits. I had bought the larger sensory one (shown below), it’s currently sold out and I’m not sure if she will have more. But she also has fun mini ones too that I’ve linked here!

Halloween Playdough Sensory Kit

Halloween mini playdough kit

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5 Things I Bought Friday

This post contains affiliate links

It’s time for another 5 things I bought Friday!!!! Sharing my latest purchases this week.

Malibu Hair Care Hard Water Wellness– we have well water and my hair and scalp have been suffering. We recently got a new water filter which has made a world of difference but I still wanted to do a few treatments and get rid of the buildup. Having a sister who is also a hairdresser is a huge plus, she recommended Malibu Hair Care. I’ve done a couple of weekly treatments and been using their hard water buildup shampoo and conditioner. If you have well water I can’t recommend it enough!

Malibu Hair Care Hard Water Wellness


Coffee pot – How gorgeous is this coffee pot? After I bought the air fryer last week and I saw they had a matching coffee pot I had to have it!

Drew Barrymore coffee maker


Gel nail polish – this is my fall color, wine stock! Make sure you have the top coat!

Sally hansen miracle gel nail polish


House Dress Rick will be the first to make fun of me for living in house dresses ever since I had the kids. This is like your modern day moo moo.

womens house dress


Colleen Hoover novel – After reading “Verity” I’ve become a big Colleen Hoover fan. This one is next on my reading list.

It ends with us Colleen Hoover


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