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10 ways to hygge your life

coffee hygge

Have you heard of this “hygge trend” that’s all over the internet? I have been seeing it all over social media, people sharing pics of their coffee and candles and blankets and I’m over here like “WTF is hygge?”

Basically hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish way of living. The word itself means “well-being” in Norwegian. For the Danes, hygge is a way to take time to slow down, enjoy the simple things and time with loved ones.  If you didn’t read my first post of 2018, my word for this year is “intentional” – being mindful in all that you do and paying attention to what makes us feel good”. Seriously, life is so stressful these days so naturally, I totally had to jump on this “hygge” bandwagon.

I have gathered up some of the best ideas on ways you can add more hygge to your life:
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hygge home life

 1.) Set the ambiance. We’re talking candles, candles, everywhere. And when in doubt, light more candles and string some fairy lights.

2.)  Curl up with comfy socks and blankets, a warm beverage and read a book for pleasure. Or order some takeout and binge on your favorite Netflix series.

3.) Bake your favorite homemade treats. The smell will make the house smell amazing and spark some memories.

4.) Buy yourself some nice fresh cut flowers or add some greenery to your inside space.

5.) Put away your phones and have a game night with family and friends.

6.) Take time to linger. Whether it be linger in bed in the morning and just take a few extra minutes to yourself or after a meal with friends.

7.) Light a fire and take some time to write down a few things that you are grateful for.

8.) Light those candles, play some soft music and do something creative like knit a scarf or do some scrapbooking.

9.) Make a comforting meal and dine with your family or have some of your closest friends over. Reminisce about some of your favorite memories together.

10.) Indulge yourself. Whether it be a mental health day from work, or a spa day at home. Do what makes your soul happy!

Check out these must-have hygge essentials

1.) Book of hygge

2.) Twinkly fairy lights

string lights


3.) Textured blankets


4.) Cup of Hygge


So go ahead and use this post for inspiration and pin it for later. Have you tried the hygge trend?