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Top 5 purchases of July

top 5 purchases of july
This post contains affiliate links meaning I make a small commission

Here they are, your top 5 purchases from July! As always, everything is linked for your shopping pleasure 🙂

Top 5 purchases of July

Bissel Steam Shot – This was the top buy for July and for a good reason! This thing does it all – rugs, tough crevices, grout, etc.

bissell steamshot

Dress – so comfortable and flattering on all different body types.

amazon dress

Ruggable – Well worth the investment and Ruggable’s Customer Service has been amazing to work with!

Ruggable Hendesi Heriz Abalone

Tula face filter – use my code Ourtinynest for 15% off your first Tula order!

Tula face filter primer

Hat – I’ve been rocking this hat all summer long!

Best of Amazon womens sun hat


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My Recent Late Night Amazon Purchases

recent late night amazon finds
This post contains affiliate links

Who else has a tendency in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep to scroll Amazon and buy random stuff? I’m sharing some of my favorite recent late night Amazon purchases below. As always, everything is linked making it easy to shop.


My Recent Late Night Amazon Purchases

Bissel steamshot – You know you’re an adult when you get excited over cleaning stuff. This was a purchase influenced by Jacki at Crazylifewithlittles. Clean tough spots with the power of steam like the inside of your microwave, grout, carpets, etc.

bissell steamshot

Frother – be your own barista at home and whip up some delicious coffee drinks. I even use it on my protein shakes to make them really foamy and pour into my coffee. Sooo good.

coffee frother

Electric kettle – waiting for water to heat up when you just want a cup of tea or your french press coffee is the worst am I right? This electric kettle is so fast and looks cute on your counter.

electric kettle top amazon purchases

Pruners – I needed a good set of garden pruners and these are really comfortable and easy to use!

gardening pruners

Jumpsuit – This girl’s never met a jumpsuit that she didn’t like and this one is no exception. This jumpsuit is perfect for summer on its own or you can wear with a tshirt underneath or jacket over for fall. Comes in lots of different patterns/color options. TTS.

lounge jumpsuit


Aqua 4 in 1 pool float – super comfortable float that can be used in 4 different positions.

aqua 4 in 1 pool floata

Inflatable jumbo ball – the kids have literally been having a ball in this thing!

inflatable jumbo ball

Popsicle molds – these are perfect for making summer treats for the kids. Plus they’re non stick and easy to clean.

popsicle molds


Glow sticks – we keep these on hand for glow stick baths, making glow jars, and playing outside.

glow sticks

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recent late night amazon finds

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Best of Amazon

Best of Amazon
This post contains affiliate links meaning I make a small commission.

I’m sharing all of my Amazon favorites in one place! If you’re looking for something that I’ve shared before and maybe forgot to save it, you can most likely find it here! I’ve separated by categories to make a little easier to find.

Keep scrolling to shop all the Best of Amazon.


Couch covers – these have been a godsend with kids and a dog. We have washed them numerous times and they hold up pretty well.

amazon couch covers

Pillow covers one of my fave home decor hacks is using those Target dollar bin throw pillows and just changing the covers for the seasons. This is one of my favorite neutral pillow covers.

amazon pillow covers

Dining Room Chairs These are the chairs we have in our dining room. They’re comfortable and super easy to clean which is a plus for kids!

Best of Amazon rustic dining room chairs

Roses – I bought these for my mom for Mother’s Day last year and the quality is amazing! A year later they’ve already doubled in size.

drift peach rose

Turkish towel these dry super fast and don’t get mildewy.

Turkish towel

Cedar Mop the proof is in the dirty water that you’ll dump after you clean your floors – so satisfying.  This thing is amazing.

Best of Amazon cedar mop

Fabric Shaver This is Rick’s fave Amazon purchase. Remove and of the pilled fabric from your clothes, couches, pillows, etc.

Best of Amazon fabric shaver


Amazon cardigans – A wardrobe staple. I have these in so many colors

Best of Amazon cardigan

Core 10 Build your own leggings – these are my holy grail legging. Choose your style and size with just the right amount of compression.

Best of Amazon Core 10 build your own leggings

Amazon hat – This folds well which makes it great for packing. Provides the right amount of coverage from the sun while also looking stylish.

Best of Amazon womens sun hat

Turtleneck sweater – This was a purchase influenced by my girl Jee Young and it’s one of my favorite pieces. Looks great dressed up or down.

Best of Amazon bat wing turtleneck sweater

Sports bras these are great if you’re bigger chested or looking for something more supportive for higher impact.

Best of Amazon sports bras

Amazon bathing suit such a flattering classic suit! Comes in several colors and looks great on all different body types.

Best of Amazon tempt me bathing suit

Loungewear If you didn’t buy tie dye loungewear during quarantine then you weren’t living your best life. I bought this set in gray and khaki and several of you did as well! Fits TTS

Best of Amazon loungewear


Foot mask – another disgusting process but the results are amazing.

Best of Amazon foot peeling mask

Ice roller – amazing for headaches and sinus pressure.

Best of Amazon ice roller

Kids/ Baby

Amazon tablet – I always swore I would never be the mom that allowed her kids to play with tablets but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And you can change the settings so that it shuts off at a certain time.

Best of Amazon Amazon fire tablet

Bogs – These are the only boots we’ve bought for the boys for the past few years. Awesome for snow and rain, great quality and easy for them take on and off themselves.

Best of Amazon bogs boots

Bounce House -one of our best quarantine purchases for the kids. If our basement was bigger we would have set up in the winter months too!

Best of Amazon bounce house

Haakaa – for all the breastfeeding mamas. This is amazing! Put it on the side your not actively feeding on and it collects from your letdown.

Best of Amazon Haakaa breast pump

Chuck pads maybe its the nurse in me, but I love these for layering the bed or couch when the kids are sick or if they have an accident.

Best of Amazon waterproof sheet protector


Premier protein chocolate hazlenut shake – The chocolate hazlenut is my fave flavor! Very filling and I add to my coffee to keep my full in the afternoon.

Best of Amazon premier protein




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Best of Amazon

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Best throw pillow covers on Amazon

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon
This post contains affiliate links meaning I make a small commission.

If I had to choose one of my top ways to change up your decor it would be to update your throw pillows. Throw pillows are to me like stuffed animals are to kids – you can never have enough. But buying new throw pillows every season can be expensive. Instead, swap out your throw pillow covers! I’ve rounded up some of the best throw pillow covers on Amazon below. Click the links or thumbnail photos to shop.


If you frequent the Target Dollar Bin, you’re familiar with the throw pillows they have every season. I keep those and just buy new throw pillow covers to update them. (I find the 18×18 cover to be best). Or you can also invest in a nice set of throw pillow inserts.


Scroll below to shop my favorite Amazon Pillow Covers



Faux linen stripe

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon

Black & White Boho

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon

Ruffle Stripes

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon


Ivory Shabby Chic Set

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon


Cableknit pattern

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon


Buffalo plaid

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon


Faux leather stripe

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon


Faux leather

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon


Boho Tassel

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon


This set of 4 for $34.95

Best throw pillow covers on Amazon