2021 Holiday Community Giving

Last year, one of the things I started doing was adopting a family in our online community that was experiencing some sort of hardship and blessing them for the holiday season. Several of you chose to participate and give back, demonstrating the power of social media and how generous you all are.

A few weeks ago I opened it up to nominations in my Instagram stories and this year I selected a family that I actually know personally. Scroll down to read their story and see their Amazon Wish List.

Thank you for joining me in this year’s 2021 Holiday Community Giving.

Meet The Schumaker Family

2021 holiday community giving

2021 holiday community giving

Steve and Maria are the proud parents of their Schumaker tribe – Christian, Sal, Stellan, Maggie, Victoria and Anthony. In early 2021, they learned they were pregnant with twins and their family would be growing from 6 to 8. Not only were they shocked to learn they were having twins but they learned that one of the baby’s, Victoria, had Trisomy 18. Anthony and Victoria arrived early at 33 weeks and were admitted to the NICU. Anthony is now home, however Tori continues to fight in the NICU and has a long road ahead with possible trips to Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Schumaker family continues to amaze me in their ability to find the positive and the little blessings in every day. They take every challenge that is handed to them with grace. Although I have never met Maria, I know Steve and his family and they are the kind of people that would give you the shirt off their back and ask for nothing in return. So I can only imagine Maria is the same. These next few months will be crazy for sure for their family, especially with the holidays.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for joining me in lifting up this family and blessing them.


Click to see their Amazon Wish List.

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There is also a meal train that has been set up. If you wish to give a monetary donation or purchase a gift card, you may do so by clicking the link below.

Click here to donate to their meal train