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5 things I bought Friday

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5 things I bought Friday

This post contains affiliate links

Happy Friday! It’s time for another 5 Things I Bought Friday! Sharing some of my favorite Amazon purchases from this week. This week’s theme is all things fall with picks for back to school, Halloween and cozy weather. As always, everything is linked so you can easily shop.

5 Things I Bought Friday

Eye sprinkles – Nothing says spooky season like some googly eyed fruits, veggies, and baked treats.

eyeballs eye sprinkles


Martha Stewart’s Guide to Organization  – Ok I am obsessed with this book! Martha breaks it down month by month things to do to get organized and enjoy the most of the season.

Martha Stewart's Organizing Manual


Kids masks – these are the best masks for little ones. A pack of 5 now for $5.99! Comes in a few different print options.

Children's Masks


Donut Tin – I am so ready to make my own donuts at home. I’ll be testing out my own pumpkin donuts this weekend!

Donut Tins


Blanket – This Eddie Bauer blanket is perfect for chilly sports events. Comes in a few different color options. Shown in the Edgewood Red here.

Eddie Bauer blanket


Check out some of my other favorite recent purchases:

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5 Things I Bought Friday

This post contains affiliate links

It’s time for another 5 things I bought Friday!!!! Sharing my latest purchases this week.

Malibu Hair Care Hard Water Wellness– we have well water and my hair and scalp have been suffering. We recently got a new water filter which has made a world of difference but I still wanted to do a few treatments and get rid of the buildup. Having a sister who is also a hairdresser is a huge plus, she recommended Malibu Hair Care. I’ve done a couple of weekly treatments and been using their hard water buildup shampoo and conditioner. If you have well water I can’t recommend it enough!

Malibu Hair Care Hard Water Wellness


Coffee pot – How gorgeous is this coffee pot? After I bought the air fryer last week and I saw they had a matching coffee pot I had to have it!

Drew Barrymore coffee maker


Gel nail polish – this is my fall color, wine stock! Make sure you have the top coat!

Sally hansen miracle gel nail polish


House Dress Rick will be the first to make fun of me for living in house dresses ever since I had the kids. This is like your modern day moo moo.

womens house dress


Colleen Hoover novel – After reading “Verity” I’ve become a big Colleen Hoover fan. This one is next on my reading list.

It ends with us Colleen Hoover


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