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My current skincare routine

My current skincare routine

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One of the lessons I learned from 2020 was to take better care of my skin. Here I am in my 30’s and I didn’t have any sort of skincare routine. So after some research and trial and error, I’ve found a low maintenance routine that I can stick to and gives me great results.

Note – everyone’s needs are going to be a little different. This is just what works for me.

I don’t know if it was stress, or having to wear a mask all the time but I noticed that my skin was starting to show it’s age and become very dry. So for me, my priorities were hydration and some sort of anti-aging because it’s never too early! Below I’m sharing my current skincare routine and you can click the links or photos to shop.


1.) Exfoliating sugar scrub – I use this 2-3 times a week to gently exfoliate. It’s great for all skin types, natural and cruelty free! (I use alot of Tula’s products because of these reasons). Use my code OURTINYNEST for 15% off your first order.

2.) Cleanser – I wash my face morning and night with Tula’s cult classic purifying face cleanser. It’s packed with superfoods and probiotics to be extra soothing to your skin and reduce inflammation. But it’s also gentle enough so it doesn’t strip your skin away of moisture. My favorite cleanser! You can use my code OURTINYNEST to get 15% off your first purchase!

3.) Hyaluronic Acid Serum – I apply a few drops of this Hyaluronic Acid Serum for extra moisture and it also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Applying this first also helps to really absorb your moisturizer.

4.) Vitamin C Moisturizer – I love this Revive and Glow Gel Cream from Roc. It’s light and non greasy and has Vitamin C to brighten your skin, help reduce dark spots and give you an overall glow.

5.) Body Lotion – My favorite body lotion I apply as soon as I get out of the shower. I feel like it keeps my skin soft and moisturized all day long and it doesn’t leave a residue.

6.) Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops – I add a few drops to my body lotion and apply a few times a week to look naturally sun-kissed. I use shade medium. (Be sure to wash your hands afterwards or use a self-tanning mit).

7.) Lip protectant – Between the cold winter weather and especially with having to wear masks, my lips were soooo dry. This locks in moisture, serves a barrier and gives your lips a natural sheen.




1.) Cleanser – I wash my face again with this cleanser.

2.) Hyaluronic Acid Serum – Add a few drops of HA serum before applying my retinol.

3.) Retinol Anti-Aging Cream – This retinol guarantees results in 1 week. It’s helped to even out my skin tone and complexion, and will help reduce signs of aging. Retinol can be very drying so I would start low and go slow when starting out. And be careful around the eyes.

4.) Roc retinol eye cream – this is the newest addition to my routine. Specifically targets the lines and wrinkles around your eyes. It’s also helped reduce some of my dark circles.


my current skincare routine


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my current skincare routine


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10 Ways to love yourself

10 ways to love yourself

Around Valentine’s Day we shower our significant others and our kids with love but it’s important to show yourself love too! And self love is important every day, not just Valentine’s Day. As women I think it’s natural for us to nurture others and so often we forget about numero uno – ourselves.

Here are 10 Ways to love yourself:


  1. Buy yourself flowers – when was the last time you bought yourself flowers just because? It’s an instant mood boost!
  2. Write yourself a love letter – What are some things you love about yourself? Write them all down whether it be on a list or in a journal. Read that to yourself every day.
  3. Treat yourself to a spa day – whether it’s going to an actual spa or giving yourself a few treatments at home. Make yourself feel pampered.
  4. Silence the inner critic – I think this is a hard one because naturally we are all so critical of ourselves. But it leads to feelings of shame. Instead, talk to yourself like you would talk to your friend. Would you tell your friend her thighs looked big? Probably not, so don’t say it to yourself. Love yourself in your current state for who you are.
  5. Find a passion project and pursue it – What sets your soul on fire? Do you love writing? Are you crafty? Find a hobby and practice it regularly.
  6. Treat your body well – nourish it with good foods and water. One of the things I frequently tell myself “you are not a garbage disposal”. I hate to see food go to waste and often my lunch looks like me leaning over the counter shoveling my kid’s leftovers in my mouth. Make yourself a nice nutritious meal, serve it on a nice plate or bowl and sit down and enjoy it, actually taste it. Move your body daily.
  7. Go inward – When was the last time you sat somewhere alone and in the quiet? It can be a pretty powerful thing. This is a good way to practice slowing down. Recognize what feelings come.
  8. Do your hair and makeup just because – Even if you’re not going anywhere. When you look good, you feel good!
  9. Take a nap – Give yourself time to recharge the batteries without any judgment.
  10. Shorten your “to-do” list – We all have lists a mile long of things we need to do. Instead, write down 3 “have-tos”, or things that must get done that day. Accomplish those and then give yourself grace and allow time for relaxation or fun.


What are some ways you show yourself love?


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10 ways to practice self love

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Week of 2/8 Meal plan

week of 2/8 meal plan

This week’s meal plan. Tag me on Instagram @ourtiny_nest as you try these recipes and let me know how they turned out!

And scroll to the bottom to download the free grocery shopping printable!

Monday –

Nicolle’s creamy tomato spinach tortellini soup


Tuesday –

Pulled pork tacos (from our Superbowl leftovers)


Wednesday –

Sheetpan chicken thighs with roasted brussels and root veggies


Thursday –

Crockpot beef stroganoff


Friday –

Chicken cesar flatbread

Recipe from Claire over at Home with the Wileys.


Saturday –

We’re winging it – leftovers? takeout? brinner?


Sunday –

Valentine’s Charctuerie

This is my inspiration!!! The hubby and I ordered a graze box for ourselves but I want to make a fun one for the kids.



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