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15 things to do with your kids while you’re social distancing

15 things to do with your kids while you're social distancing

No doubt we’re experiencing some strange and uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic. Families are now spending alot of time together and you may be wondering how you’re going to keep your kids entertained while you’re social distancing.

Here’s a list of 15 things to do with your kids while you’re social distancing:


  1. Make photo albums – this is a great opportunity to go through all the photos on your phone and actually make a photo album. I like to use the Motif Photo App and do it right from your phone or Shutterfly.
  2. Have a “yes” day – I saw this idea awhile ago from Jennifer Garner. It’s one day where no matter what the kids ask, the answer is “yes”, within reason obviously.  Ice cream for breakfast? Yes. Staying up late? Yes. Wear their pajamas all day and don’t have to brush their teeth? Yes.
  3. Take your kids to the zoo – the virtual zoo that is. The Cincinnati Zoo will be live streaming some of their animals and exhibits on Facebook Live every week day at 3pm. Click here to head to their facebook page.
  4. Camp-out in the living room – Get out all your blankets and pillows and make teepees in the living room. Even better if you have a fireplace and can have an actual fire. Tell ghost stories, play games and make s’mores!
  5. Put on a performance – have your kids put together a dance recital or play complete with costumes.
  6. Go on a nature scavenger hunt in the yard or at the park – find something soft, something yellow, something wet, etc.
  7. Pretend to travel to another country – Have the kids pick a country and then make that day all about their culture. For example, if they choose France. Make macaroons, and build the Eiffel Tower out of legos or magna tiles. If they choose Ireland, play some Celtic music, watch RiverDance and bake Irish soda bread. It will give the kids a feeling of being somewhere else.
  8. Pizza contest – everyone makes a specialty pizza and try one of each and see who’s was the best.
  9. Make sensory dough – This is one of my favorite recipes to make your own play dough. It smells yummy and is completely edible!
  10. Write letters – write some letters or cards and send them to a local nursing home or arrange to do penpals with some of their friends.
  11. Go for a family bike ride  – Head to the park or bike path and go for a nice family bike ride.
  12. Have a backwards day – wear your clothes backwards, they have to walk backwards, you get the point
  13. Do some spring cleaning – write down some things that you need to be cleaned or tidied up around the house that the kids can do. Put them in a hat and have each child pick one thing. Then set a timer for 15 minutes, play some loud music and they have to get it done in that time
  14. Make shirts – make some crazy shirts with tie-dye or puffy paint
  15. Have a Disney day – Watch movies on Disney Plus, play Disney games. You can even go on Youtube and virtually experience the rides.

things to do with your kids while you're social distancing

I for one am looking forward to some slower moments with my loved ones and getting back to simpler times.

What are some ideas you have to keep your little ones busy?


15 things to do with your kids while you're social distancing

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Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Pancakes

Lucky St. Patrick's Day Pancakes

This is such a cute idea to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your little ones. These lucky St. Patrick’s Day pancakes are fun, festive and magically delicious!

You will need:

  • Pancake Mix
  • Green food coloring
  • Whipped Cream
  • Marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal


1.) Go through a box of Lucky Charms cereal separating the marshmallows from the cereal. This is an easy way to have your kids help you and practice their sorting.

2.) Prepare your pancake mix as you normally do and add a few drops of green food coloring. I added 4 drops but you can add more if you want your pancakes to be a darker green.

3.) Make your pancakes and allow them to slightly cool.

4.) Top with whipped cream and the Lucky Charms marshmallows.

How cute?


Lucky St. Patrick's Day Pancakes


For more St. Patrick’s Day inspired recipes check out:

 My Boozy Chocolate Guinness Milkshake

Homemade Irish Cream


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Lucky St. Patrick's Day Pancakes

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Family Room Reveal

farmhouse family room renovation
This post contains affiliate links meaning I make a small commission.

It’s Family Room Reveal Day!!!! I am so excited to show you guys how our family room turned out. Since we moved in to our house, I have had visions of how it would turn out and this by far exceeded my dreams!

(Scroll to the bottom to shop some of my pieces)

We started with painting over the knotty pine which was a HUGE debate in our house. From the minute I looked at the house, I couldn’t wait to paint it. Rick on the other hand, wanted to keep it as is since he thought it was perfect for a “man cave”. We compromised (isn’t that what marriage is all about?) and did a single layer of paint and then sanded it with a palm sander to give it more of a distressed look and let the natural pine pop through. It totally brightened up the room!

We had new carpet installed and I layered our original living room rug on top to give it some more texture and a pattern.

My favorite part of the whole project is the faux beam Rick put up to mount our industrial lights. It really gives the room that Adirondack cabin feel.

farmhouse family room reveal with diy whitewash fireplace

I chose to decorate our mantle with a simple green wreath, some blue jars and faux greenery to pop off of the whitewash brick. (The whitewash brick fireplace was one of the very first DIYs we did in our home. You can see the transformation here.)

farmhouse mantle decor with green boxwood wreath, eucalyptus and stamp books

I am so happy how the whole room turned out. This is our new cozy hangout and it’s Lola’s new favorite spot too, curled up next to the warm fire.

farmhouse family room renovation

You can shop some of the pieces of our family room below:

Console Table

Blue glass vases //Books

Faux eucalyptus  // Wreath




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farmhouse family room reveal


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Echelon Bike – Your questions answered

Woman on Echelon bike

This post contains affiliate links meaning I make a small commission.

I am so excited for this post because I’m answering all of your questions about the Echelon bike. For the record, this post is in no way sponsored. Since sharing that I got an Echelon, many of you were curious so I am giving my honest review and answering all of your questions. (And for the record, I do not look this cute when I’m working out on my Echelon. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen my sweaty selfies)

So about a month ago, we pulled the trigger and ordered an Echelon bike. Prior to kids, I used to go to a spin class at my local gym daily. It was my favorite way to workout and I felt my best physically and mentally when I was cycling.  I am a much better person when I am exercising and since having kids, I have not been consistent with it. I’ve had a gym membership for years and realistically, I just never go for a variety of different reasons whether it be childcare, time, or just not being motivated enough to go.

I love cycling and since getting my own Echelon at home, it’s been really convenient for me to get back into it and do something for me!

Echelon bike EX3

Q – Which bike did you get?

I got the Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX3.

Q – What are the differences between the Peloton and the Echelon?

The major difference is the price.

The Peloton retails for a little over $2,000 plus you have to pay the additional membership fee for the app of $39/month and it requires you to use the Peloton shoes.

The Echelon cost $1,444 which includes the 1 year subscription to the Echelon app for all the classes and came with a free IPad (The IPad was part of a promotion). Once the 1 year subscription to the app is up, it costs $30/month. You do not need to buy certain shoes. There are clips if you have clip in shoes or you can reverse the pedal to just strap in with your own sneakers.

Other differences

One of the other major differences is that the Peloton has a large built in touch screen with all of the available classes.  The EX3 does not have a built in screen but it does have a holder to hold your Ipad and you can view the classes on the app. If you have Apple TV you could also just download the Echelon app on there and stream that way.

The Peloton claims to have 24/7 live classes 365 days/year. While the Echelon does not have as many live classes, I have been able to catch a live class every time I’ve wanted to. They also have pre-recorded classes you can do at any time which I found good too though I prefer the live ones.

Q – Do you find the bike to be sturdy?

In my opinion, I think it’s just as sturdy as any other bike I’ve rode in a spin class. According to the Echelon website, the steel frame can hold up to 300lbs.

Q – What is a typical class like?

You have the option to choose from live classes or pre-recorded classes. If I can get a live class I prefer those because you can see how your stats compare to the others in the class and the instructor calls you out by names so it pushes me to do better. But with that being said, I’ve done plenty of pre-recorded classes and those are very good too.

Classes range anywhere from 20 minutes – 1 hour. Each class starts with a warm up with your bike on “flat road”, (a comfortable low resistance) to get the legs and body moving.  The bike has a resistance wheel and throughout the class you will increase and decrease the resistance to simulate going up and down hills, and increase and decrease your cadence accordingly.  It’s an amazing cardiovascular workout and great for overall weight loss, toning and increasing your endurance.

Like all fitness classes, there’s going to be some instructors that you like and feel really motivate you and then others that you find a little lackluster. There’s a few instructors that I LOVE and always try to do their live classes.

Q – Do you have to be in really good shape in order to keep up?

No! The thing that got me hooked on cycling years ago is that you are in control of that resistance wheel. So if you’re a beginner, you can start out easy on yourself and then as your increase your level of fitness, make it even more challenging.

Q – What tips do you have for starting out?

First, I would invest either in a cushioned bike seat or a pair of cycling shorts with a padded bottom. The bike seat is VERY firm and you eventually will get used to it, but a padded seat or bottoms definitely make it more comfortable and will help you stick with it.

Secondly, start with a beginner class. The Echelon app has a variety of beginner classes to get you accustomed to how a typical workout will go.

Stick with it! Remember, it’s your ride and you can make it as challenging or as easy as you need.


If you have any other questions, drop them below and I will answer them for you!


woman working out on echelon bike indoor cycling class


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Woman on Echelon Bike