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The best true crime documentaries

The best true crime documentaries

This post was updated 2/17/2021 with some of my IG followers recommendations

Ok where are all my true crime junkies at? I can’t get enough true crime documentaries. It’s hard to say when my obsession started. I remember being fascinated with the O.J. Simpson case and Jon Benet Ramsey. I have rounded up the best true crime documentaries for you to get your true crime fix.

The Best True Crime Documentaries


Night Stalker (Netflix) – At first when I started this, I couldn’t get into it. But this was the #1 recommended documentary by all my Instagram followers and fellow true crime lovers.

Murder on Middlebeach (on HBO) – this one just breaks my heart. Created by a son who lost his mom tragically and he shares his journey as he is trying to solve her murder. My husband and I found ourselves trying to solve it as we watched and it’s a case I’m still actively following.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (Netflix) – A notorious hotel in L.A. with a seedy past is the backdrop for this doc. One of their guests, a young woman from Canada goes missing. Was she murdered or was it an accident?

The Jinx (on HBO) – One of my favorites, I have watched this one over and over. An estranged son to a prominent family in real estate, Fred Durst has been a suspect in three murders and been in and out of jail. Watch until the very last episode for Durst’s surprising confession.

Unsolved Mysteries: Rey Rivera (Netflix) – Unsolved Mysteries is back and on Netflix. The first episode left me going down a rabbit hole trying to find more info about this case. A man gets a phone call and suddenly vanishes. His body is found later and ruled a suicide but his wife and family believe he was murdered. Crime Junkies Podcast also recently covered this case and it has left me wanting more answers.

Jennifer Dulos (Stream on Dateline NBC on Hulu) – I was fascinated with this case from the very beginning when my sister who lives in Connecticut could hear all the planes overhead searching for Dulos’ body that Memorial Day Weekend. A beautiful mother to five children who seemed to have it all goes missing. Her ex husband and his girlfriend are at the center of the investigation.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filty Rich (Netflix) – I didn’t follow this case when it was originally going on but this documentary sucked me in. The fact that Epstein was able to get off so easily due to his overwhelming wealth will leave you outraged. To me, the circumstances surrounding his death are particularly interesting. Was it a suicide or murder? Since watching this, I’ve been following Ghislaine Maxwell’s involvement.

Killer Inside: The mind of Aaron Hernandez (Netflix) – Interviews with Hernandez’s family members and friends, these 3 episodes examine his past and suggest he may have been living a “double life”.

Abducted in plain sight (Netflix) – ok this is a wierd one and literally left me baffled for so many reasons that I won’t share so I don’t ruin anything for those of you who haven’t seen it. A kidnapping by a close family friend that will leave you outraged and scratching your head.

The Murder of Lacey Peterson (Stream A&E on Hulu) – A very well known case about a pregnant woman who goes missing on Christmas Eve and her husband is the prime suspect.

Amanda Knox (Netflix) – Did she or didn’t she? An American girl who goes over to Italy to study abroad and gets convicted of killing her roommate. She’s since twice been acquitted and she claims she has been wrongly accused.

The case against Adnan Syed (HBO) – Made popular by the podcast Serial, this documentary follows the relationship between Syed and Hae Min Lee, interviews with those that knew them and the trial.

Up and Vanished – Tara Grinstead (on Oxygen) – I have been obsessed with this case since I originally listened to the Up and Vanished podcast a few years ago. A story about a paegent queen and teacher who went missing.


What are some of your favorite true crime cases or documentaries?


the best true crime documentaries


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Ways to keep yourself from slipping into a funk while social distancing

  This post was sponsored by Reebok as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.
Thank you to Reebok for sponsoring today’s post.

Quarantine life day 1,354. That’s what it feels like anyway. And while my husband and I are both deemed essential and have to go to work, we’re still feeling the slump from not being able to go anywhere or see family or friends. There are some things that you can do to keep yourself feeling upbeat. I’m sharing with you some ways to keep yourself from slipping into a funk while social distancing.

1.) Get dressed every morning – Getting dressed, doing my hair and throwing on a little makeup makes me feel human and like a contributing member of society. This is something I learned back when I was home on maternity leave. You don’t have to get all fancy. Some days I put on jeans but most of the time it’s comfy athleisure. I love the new Reebok all-inclusive sizing line at Kohl’s.  They carry sizes from XS-4XL. The line is perfect for whether you’re lounging at home, chasing the kids or getting in a workout.

Ways to prevent yourself from slipping in a funk while social distancing

2.) Do something active – Exercising is a great way to boost one’s mood and also burn off all of those yummy treats and drinks that we’ve been consuming while home quarantined. Daily walks, bike rides and going for hikes has been a way for our whole family to exercise together and burn off some steam.

3.) Get outside – If there’s a silver lining it’s that this pandemic has come at time where it’s starting to get nice out. This is a great time to get outside and do some spring yard work or spring cleaning. Since we moved into our house a few years ago I’ve been wanting to start a garden and this was the perfect opportunity.

4.) Connect virtually with family/friends – Thankfully we live in a technological savvy world and there’s several apps that make it easier to connect with loved ones. Set up a virtual Happy Hour or play games with family and friends from afar with the Cards Against Humanity Lab.


What are some ways you’re getting through this time at home?


Be sure to head to Kohls and check out their new line of athleisure!


Prevent yourself from slipping into a funk while social distancing




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Best purchases of 2019

My best purchases of 2019

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You asked for it. So here it is.

Last weekend I did a Q&A in my Instagram stories and one of my followers asked that I do a post on my top purchases from 2019. (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can follow me here).

I’ve compiled a list of my top purchases I made in 2019 for the home, hair/beauty, fashion and baby stuff .

Check out my list below.

For the Home

Dyson cordless V8 – This was by far both Rick and my favorite purchase of the year. I have an insane obsession with this thing. It’s super lightweight and cordless so makes it so easy to go up and down the stairs cleaning. The top part is also detachable which makes it handy to vacuum the couches and stairs. Totally worth every single penny.

Immersion Blender – Super easy way to make smoothies, soups and whip up some fancy coffee drinks at home. This has also become a staple in our kitchen for blending up whatever we’re eating for dinner to feed to the babe.

Deep pocket fitted sheets No more hubby standing on one side of the bed and me on the other struggling to get the fitted sheet on our bed. These have deep pockets, stays in place and is made of a nice cool fabric.


Revlon Hot Air Brush – I had been seeing all of the reviews and was doubtful that this would live up to the hype. It it seriously life-changing! Not only does it give you that “you just left the salon and had a blow out” look, it also dries your hair really fast.

Tarte lipgloss – this was a beauty find that I was inspired to buy from Lauren McBride. It gives you just enough color, a little shine, and moisturizes your lips. I have a couple of these in shade “Nude”.


Amazon Headbands – a set of 10 cute headbands for less than $10. Great on those days I don’t get to shower and need to look cute and put together. I love that they don’t go all the way around your head.

Amazon dress – my favorite thing I wore in 2019. I bought this dress when I went to the Saratoga Living Event where I met Dorinda Medley. Super feminine and comfortable.


Nesting Olive Dress – I bought these dresses when I was pregnant. I wore them towards the end of my pregnancy, when I was postpartum, (they were great for nursing), and I still wear them now as like a modern house dress. Super comfy.

Dockatot – This was a lifesaver. A great way to cosleep with your baby or bring with you when you travel.

Hakka – for all the breastfeeding mamas. Place this on the side opposite the one you’re feeding on and it collects milk.

What was the best thing you purchased last year?


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My best purchases of 2019


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2019, that’s a wrap. Hello 2020.

girl in floral dress holding a glass of wine


That’s a wrap. What a year it has been.

If you were to ask me to choose one word to define the year I’d say “GROWTH”. We grew our family with the birth of Maverick, I grew personally, and I grew as a woman in business with my blog and the start of my Etsy shop.

If you were to ask me 10 years ago where I saw myself, I didn’t necessarily see children in the picture. Now, I can’t imagine my life without them and I feel like I am who I was meant to be (not to sound cliche). This past year, becoming a mom for the second time, I’ve learned to embrace the chaos, the messy and imperfect. A far cry from the punctual, perfectionist I was before. I’ve learned to balance life with two kids, a career, being a wife, sister, friend. At times I feel like I’m being pulled into a million different directions but at the end of the day, my priority is mom and the little people I’ve created.

Nicolle Mallinson Our Tiny Nest family photo

Whenever you face a setback, there comes growth. One of the challenges I experienced this year was being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy towards the end of my pregnancy. At a time that is supposed to be happy and full of smiles and pictures, I instead wanted to hide.  However, in hindsight, I can now say I grew from it.  I learned to face things head on and talk about it. As a Type 9 (where’s all my enneagram peeps), I hate talking about difficult things. I’d rather bury my head in the sand, ignore it and move on. But this wasn’t something I could just ignore. So I plastered my picture on social media for all to see as a way to get ahead of it. Often in life, we will face little blips in the road. At the time they may seem big or scary, but you will get through them.


girl hiding face bells palsybells palsy

2019 also saw the growth of my business. Back in 2017 when I started blogging, I had no intention of monetizing and having it become a little side hustle. This year brought many opportunities and I am so fortunate and thankful for where it has taken me. Not only is it a side income, but it’s become a place where I can express myself and explore my passions. In September, I launched my Etsy shop with my custom stamped books and farmhouse decor. I’m looking forward to continuing to foster the connections I’ve built and keep creating.

farmhouse stamped books on tray on bed


Going into 2020, my word is FLOURISH. By definition, Flourish means “to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.”  When I think of the word flourish, I think of a beautiful flower blossoming when given the right soil, enough sunlight and water. I am carrying that concept into the New Year. I have planted all of the seeds, laid out a favorable environment and now this year will blossom in my family, relationships, career and homelife. I’m going to take the time to nurture my body, really spend quality time with those that I love and continue to create a flourishing home and work environment that brings me purpose.


What is your word for 2020?